Where Am I? Part 1



Well, I have to say to honestly answer this question; I am a bit overwhelmed and off (keep reading to find out what I mean) this week. I completely overlooked the course checklist assignment that was due yesterday. I read everything in the module, but for some reason I missed the July 27th due date (which is on everything!) and blocked it out of my mind. I was so focused on developing my own course and I associated the checklist with being completely done with the course, that I didn’t submit it. I thought it was due August 3rd. I should have known yesterday when I woke up with an “off” feeling that the whole day was going to be a bear. If I only could have started the day over again, I would have. I totally blocked out a presentation that I had to give (Showed up to work dressed down when I should have been dressed up. We have dress down during the summer.) at work.

After reviewing the course checklist, I realized that I still have a good amount of work to complete.

I have been working every day on my course and some days I feel like I am making more progress than others. Sometimes I get hung up on something and instead of just letting it go or going back to it later, I ponder on it. I don’t like to leave things unfinished, so I try to stick with it until I figure it out or complete it. I have learned that sometimes it is appropriate to move on and go back and visit it later. One particular area that I got hung up on was the discussion questions. I still have not figured out two, but I have decided to re-visit them later on.

The checklist is quite helpful as it really points out things that I may have missed. I plan on using this checklist for my job as it will help me out. I am in the process of developing a course for work and this checklist will help keep me on task.

The next couple of days will be a bit stressful, but I know I can get through them. I just need to keep staying focused and take one thing at a time. (3)